1 Dec 2014

Optimaniac's restoration Shopping list : 1.Marwan AlNusif

I've got a lot of demands for parts recently so here's a list for Optima's series restoration parts sellers.
Some may be sold out for a long time.


From Kuweit, Marwan is famous for his incredible collection of vintage GP 1/8 Kyosho cars (Integrafan is his nickname on RC forums). He succesfully managed to build a strong reputation for reproducing long sold out tires, lexan bodies, and some metal parts.

OT-30 Optima tires

OT-66 Turbo Optima tires

OT59 Driver for Javelin

OT-26 Driver for Optima

OT-26+OT-77+OT-78 Salute body set

OT-25+OT-26+OT-44 Optima Body set

OT106+OT-107+OT108 Optima Mid Body set

OT-107+OT-117+OT-123 Optima Mid Custom Body set

OT-107+OT125+OT126 Optima Mid Custom Special Body Set

OTW-8 Optima Mid LWB Belt cover set

OT-102 Optima Mid SWB Belt cover set

OT-26+OT-68+OT-70 Turbo Optima Body Set

OT-106+OT-107+OT-111 Turbo Optima Mid Body Set

OT-106+OT-107+OT-115 Turbo Optima Mid SE Body Set

OT-107+OT-117+OT-118 Turbo Optima Mid Special Body Set

OT-60 Decals for Javelin

OT-123 Decals for Optima Mid Custom

OT-126 Decals for Optima Mid Custom Special

OT-108 Decals for Optima Mid

OT-44 Decals for Optima

OT-83 Decals for Optima Pro

OT-77 Decals for Salute

OT-111 Decals for Turbo Optima Mid

OT-115 Decals for Turbo Optima Mid SE

OT-118 Decals for Turbo Optima Mid Special

OT-68 Decals for Turbo Optima

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